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Equestrian tourism

Тільки гори, коні та справжній Ти...


Everybody can become an equestrian tourist 

You will receive your level of horseback rider from 1 to 4 after graduation of the course. After that, you will be able to take part in horseback riding tours according to your level. The level can be raised during subsequent tours.

 If you dreamed of going on serious horseback riding tours, adore horses and mountains, join us!

Season 1.05.2020~21.10.2020
Attention! Places are limited.

What do we have?

  • the herd of tribal hucul horses

  • horseback tours providing experiance since 2001 

  • tasty food

  • great location

  far from civilization (6,5 km and 18 km from nearest villages) 

 У вартість входить

  • програма курсу, що складається з лекцій, вправ та кінних походів

  • триразове харчування

  • оренда захисного шолома

  • insurance

  • ночівля у великому 16 містному наметі, або усвоєму власному наметі

  • трансфер з Ужгорода до нас і назад


% Знижки​ 

Діти віком до 15 років отримують 10% знижки якщо їдуть з 1 дорослим і 20% знижки якщо їдуть з 2 дорослими

Що отримаєте Ви?

  • 5 days full "rebooting" (forgetting about your everyday routine and problems)

  • both, beginners and experianced riders will get the new unique experiance

  • experianced riders can come with their friedns who have no any experiance in a horseback riding (we provide riders and non riders course simultaneously)

  • new acquaintances. International groups up to 20 people (if you have no one to travel with freely sign in

  • after you getting one pg 4 horseback riding tourist`s level you will be able to take part in other, more interesting mountains horseback riding tours with us! Only horses, mountains and real You.

How can you register for a course?

  1. Look in the calendar of the groups for the season and choose several dates that are suitable for you

  2. Write a letter to or to viber, telegram +380973131932 where you should indicate the dates you have chosen, your experience in riding and the desired course "Beginner's Course" or "Course for Riders", specify the number of persons. Or fill in the form on the website

  3. After the dates and details are agreed, make a deposit of 20% of the total cost.  After receiving a deposit, the place shall be booked. 

We are waiting for you!


Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp +380973131932

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